The Treasures of La Gabare

This is a series of extremely old Cognacs.

Since the archives are not complete enough to prove the age, they are presently stored in government-controlled cellars and are one of our company's greatest treasures.

These very old cognacs are all naturally reduced and are stored in demi-johns.

Grande Champagne N°24

Quantity: 1 735 L.
Alc. Cont.: 44°0

This cognac belonged to a broker in Cognac, who passed away more than 20 years ago. He had kept for himself the finest cognacs he had acquired, rather than putting them on the market.  His treasure was kept in a cellar of which only he alone had the key.  It was only after this man passed away that his heirs discovered this cask and a few others containing cognacs dating back to the beginning of the last century.     

This extremely rare, very old cognac originated from the broker’s cellar in the Grande Champagne appellation in the Cognac area. The cognac’s cask indicates the origin of the cognac, quantity acquired, alcohol level and “lot 1924”. However no documents were found. This cognac has aged in silence for many decades and, over time, has lost almost 80% of its initial volume through natural evaporation. In Cognac, we call this evaporated part the “angels’ share.” The cognac remains remarkably strong for its age, with an alcohol percentage of 44. This cognac reveals notes of fruits, mushrooms, spices and tobacco. As is the case with all of our Cognacs de Collection, no sugar, nor caramel were added so as to offer you a truly natural product.

Grande Champagne N°22

Quantity: 248 L.
Alc. Cont.: 40°

We acquired this cognac in 1999 and it is one of the oldest products we have. The previous owner was an old cognac merchant family. It remained in the same barrel for many decades, and Jean stored it under state control (ORECO) when we became the owners. The history of this cognac is recorded in the family archives till 1944. Then, it appears again in the archives of 1955 and once more from 1986.

Between 1955 and 1986, when the running of the family business passed on to the next generation, inventory methods changed. Pure alcohol was grouped together, and not broken down per batch as was the practice in the past. It was not until 1986 when the present generation took over, that records were once more kept in the old style. It became possible at that moment to continue with the product history. 

This alcohol level of this cognac reduced for many years in anticipation of bottling which never took place and dropped gradually to 33.2% until 1999 when Jean stored it in a demi-john. According to French law a cognac must have a minimum of 40%  Nevertheless, the quality of this cognac is divine and the only possibility to offer it to the market was to blend it with another cognac to rise the degree. We did this with our Grande Champagne N° 24 in December 2004 and the alcohol content is now 40%.

Petite Champagne N°14 « Paror »

Quantity: 210 L.
Alc. Cont.: 40°5

We acquired this cognac from a merchant in 1999. The archives mentioned it under the denomination “Petite Champagne Paror” and it is possible to follow its history during a few years from 1918, when World War I ended.

The particularity of this cognac is that it almost certainly has been distillated by women. In 1914 women were in charge of companies, because all able-bodied men were required to fight in the war, the most fatal of the 20th century in France.

This cognac lot disappeared during the years of the German occupation. In 1946, however, it re-emerged and it is possible again to follow its history. But, it disappeared once again in the archives until the 1970s. From this date onwards, this cognac is mentioned in the archive under its original denomination.

We bought all the stock, 285 liters. It is one of our treasures and, for this reason, only available in very small quantities. We are not allowed to offer this cognac as a vintage cognac because of the very restrictive cognac vintage legislation.

Only 25 bottles per year.